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24 Hours Private emergency dentist service in Waterford

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Waterford Private Orthodontist

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Our Dental Specialists

Thank you for visiting dentist Waterford website. We hope that you found all the necessary informations for you. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Call: 087 464 84 55
Dr. István Szoboszlai

Specialist of orthodontics

I would like to offer my assistance to make your smile beautiful and harmonious. I have been working as a specialist of orthodontics since I have finished university. Between 1994 and 2002 I was working for the municipal orthodontics surgery. Since then I have been working as a private specialist of orthodontics. My motto is “reliability, experience and focus on the person”. I have been dealing with many different techniques and age-groups. From the 5-6-year-old all the way to people in their sixties many people visit my surgery.

There are lots of different types of appliances to choose from such as removable appliances, fixed appliances, internal or even “invisible” appliances or the most modern appliances that are combined with temporary implants. Of course it is together with the patient that I try to find the appliance and treatment yielding the best possible result. Within orthodontics I also use methods that help to solve of jaw problems and asymmetric cases. If you need orthodontic treatment and you are looking for an experienced specialist I am ready to help, you can depend on our services.


Private emergency dentist in Waterford

What do I do if I have a Dental Emergency ?

In a dental emergency, its first best to decide what exactly is the problem. If its pain is coming from a specific tooth, its best to examine that tooth as best as possible. Look for staining or a hole, if its from a general area of the mouth then more intrinsic examination techniques will have to be used such as an x ray, the expertise of an emergency dentist is required.

This is because the mouth is a very complex environment with nerves that cross the face at different points. In some cases its hard to define where exactly the pain is coming from as the same nerve may provide sensory function to many teeth. In the case of an abscess then it will be fairly obvious which tooth is causing the problem. In this case give us a call and come in immediately.

We may offer several treatment options. Ideally the emergency dentist will aim at removing the source of the infection via either root canal procedure or extracting the tooth. If the infection is very severe, antibiotics may prescribed initially so that the infection will be controlled before further treatment administered. If you are unsure of what is happening, or even if you know, its best to complete treatment as soon as possible. Our emergency dentists in Waterford will be happy to see you at any time and offer an affordable treatment option to resolve the issue asap.

Tel.: 087 464 84 55

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Help! My Tooth Is Broken!

There is no need to worry, even if you are feeling pain; the Waterford emergency dentist is here to help! Even if it seems hopeless, there is always a solution. If the damaged tooth is in the front, it will be delicately examined and the damage assessed, and an x-ray may be needed to check nerve involvement. If the tooth is only chipped or slightly damaged, then a composite filling material can be used to heal the tooth and he tooth will be mended in just one visit. But if the damage is more extensive, our Waterford emergency dentist may need to use root canals, crowns, or even extractions and a dental implant, dental bridge or denture to correct the problem. No matter how bad it seems, we will offer a solution, and one that is both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. Call us today!

Toothache keeping me awake at night

If toothache is interfering with our life, you need to go and get emergency dental treatments immediately. If you are experiencing excruciating pain, you are probably suffering from pulpitis, which is a bacterial infection in your pulp chamber, the inside of your tooth. You may feel more pain when you lie down or bend over, as the blood pressure increases in the tooth at these times. To cure this unfortunate ailment, the dentist will first need to take an x-ray, to see how much of the tooth has been affected, and to test the tooth if it is still alive with a vitality test. More often than not, these teeth need to undergo a root canal treatment. There is no need to worry, as our root canals are completely painless, thanks to local anaesthetic. After anaesthetic our emergency dentist Waterford will open the tooth, remove the offending and infected material, and administer antibiotic root filling to the area, sterilizing and often removing the dental nerve in the tooth. The temporary filling may need to be used more than once, and some swelling can be expected until a final root filling is made.

I have dentalphobia, can you see me?

Yes, we take special care to train our staff to deal with patients who are afraid or nervous at the dentist. Our dental practice excels at emergency dental care and we know that this means dealing with difficult or sometimes nervous or anxious patients every day. We use local anaesthetic and thus all of our procedures are pain free, but if you feel any pain or discomfort, just raise our hand and we will stop immediately and give you a chance to recover and regain your composure.

Tel.: 087 464 84 55

How much will the emergency dentist cost?

We are an ethical dental practice, which means: we do not overcharge our patients . While maintaining a 24 hour emergency dental practice is costly, we outsource the work to keep our prices down, making sure that we can offer affordable dental treatment in Waterford. We strive to keep all of our dental treatments affordable, and if the patient cannot afford a treatment, we will always offer a cheaper solution, if the situation permits it.

Why does a toothache hurt so much?

Many nerves run through the mouth, including the dental nerve, one of the most multifaceted and sensitive ones I the human body. The teeth are also near the brain and its pain receptors, which is one more reason that patients often regard tooth pain as the worst pain they have ever experienced. We at emergency dentist Waterford know what the patient is experiencing, and we aim to stop the pain as soon as possible, first with local anaesthetic, later with appropriate dental treatments.

Do you have non-emergency dental treatments?

Yes, we offer all sorts of dental treatments at our dental practice in Waterford,orthodontic treatments, oral hygiene treatments to dental implants to complete smile makeovers, you name it we got it.

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Thank you for visiting dentist Waterford website. We very hope that you found all the necessary informations for you. If You have any questions, please contact us and We will reply to You within 24 hours!

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Private emergency and orthodontic treatment. Call Us: 087 464 84 55

Is regular treatment available, or do you only handle emergency dental treatment?

We are of course open for regular dental care as well. We offer our services to those who have a hard time getting off of work to book a dental appointment, and to any patients who may need to make use of our 24 hour emergency dental services, and for patients to whom it is important to be seen on the same day. We are open 24 hours and have appointments throughout the weekend as well, so we are confident you can get dental treatment the same day you book the appointment. We are the only dental practice in London to offer services the same day as the booking for the affordable prices we have, so call us today and book your dental appointment with the emergency dentist Waterford. Emergency Dentist Waterford is an emergency dentistry that is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and is located at 1. St. Andrews terrace, Newtown road Waterford City, and we are the best Sunday emergency dentist, being open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Private dental care

We provide emergency dental treatments in Waterford 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What do patients look for when they are searching for an emergency dentist in Waterford? Quick and affordable dental care, pain alleviation; the Waterford emergency dentist knows what to provide patients, and how much o charge for it. We strive to give a HIGH level of quality for a LOW price. Maintaining a 24 hour emergency dental practice is expensive, but we have stayed true to our initial plan: to provide the very best emergency dental treatment in London, while staying ethical and keeping our prices as low as possible.

A toothache can be a great hindrance, and can compromise your looks, if there is swelling or an abscess. This is why we at emergency dentist Waterford strive to offer our dental treatments to everyone in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere accessible to everyone. Patients can rest assured that their health is our top concern, which is why we run a 24 hour dental practice that is unrivalled in the entire country. We are here in Waterford to help patients deal with toothache and the conditions that cause it. This ensures us as the number one Waterford emergency dentistry, so patients can come to us with confidence.

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Tooth Whitening: € 120/ arc SAVE € 30/ arc
Hygiene Treatment: € 50 SAVE € 40

What happens when you call us:

1) Our Multilingual Customer Service will answer the phone and as you for some preliminary information, like your name, address, phone number and contact information, and they will inform the emergency dentist on call to come in and see you immediately.

2) The earliest possible appointment will be given to you, for your convenience, and the price will be discussed.

3) Our 24 hour Customer Service will give you the location and information about our dentistry, and any other information you may need (like parking, time it will take, and how best to get to our premises) via e-mail and text message.

4) In case we do not catch your call, leave your name and number for us, and we will get back to you just as soon as we can.

5) See our affordable prices on our website. We work with the same prices for an emergency treatment as well, so no surprises! Come and see an emergency dentist in Waterford, at our dentistry and dental implant centre!

Any and all dental treatments available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Saturdays and Sundays, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, Bank Holidays and Ramadan. Contact us and book your emergency dental appointment today!

Phone: 087 464 84 55 Dental emergencies can happen anytime, and now, so can dental treatment! Are you suffering from a toothache? Is your dental implant broken? Are you looking for quick relief in Waterford? Do you need an emergency dental practice that is close to you?

Call us and book an appointment to see our privat emergency dentist today!

If you have tooth decay, toothache, damaged or broken teeth, a broken dental implant, a chipped tooth, a crown bridge or denture that has fallen off, any sort of injuries to your teeth, or have had a dental implant fall out, just call us at Waterford emergency dentist, and we will solve it! Call the Waterford emergency dentist and implant centre on our 24 hour hotline and get an appointment to see an emergency dentist today!* We offer same day emergency dental appointments, and an expert dentist that will see you the day you come in. We accept walk ins at our emergency dentistry and implant centre, and our dentists are available 24 hours a day to give you a check-up and provide affordable dental treatment to solve your dental problems. No matter what kind of dental emergency you have, our dentistry is open to you. Call today and book your emergency dental treatment!* The dentists at our emergency dentistry and dental implant centre are trained to handle dental emergencies. Our emergency dentists are ready to treat any problem the same day it is booked to us. We are well trained to deal with anxious, nervous or fearful patients, and you can rest assured that you are in experienced, caring and capable hands at our emergency dentistry in Waterford. The Waterford emergency dentistry and implant centre has immediate, high quality and affordable dental treatments in Waterford. We are available at any time to deal with your dental woes.

Contact & Support

  • Address : No. 1. St. Andrews terrace, Newtown road Waterford City, Waterford, Ireland
  • Email :info@irishdental.ie
  • Phone 1 : 087 464 84 55


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